Crossing the digital divide

By Tylisha Miller

It has been a few months since the chromebook project was launched at The Learning Center. Since then it has gone from 3 chromebooks to an astonishing 8, thanks to amazing donors. Previously only a few kids would have access to them due to the small quantity but now we’re able to use them in a full classroom set up seeing as our classes do not exceed six to seven children. The teachers currently use them for reading classes, spelling classes and even mathematics exercises. The children, most of which have not yet had exposure to computers at home or at school are all so eager to dive into the world of electronic learning.

Due to the lack of computer access in the primary schools, kids are thrown into it when they get to high school with little to no knowledge on how to use one. With this program our children will now enter high school with all they need to tackle computer based subjects. This program is a great start for these kids and will prove to be the jumpstart these kids needed.