The relationship between Lakefield College School and the Bequia Mission began with the leadership of Gerry Bird, past president of the Mission and also an instructor at Lakefield. Gerry organized student trips from Lakefield to Bequia. Today, Rhea Simmons is enrolled there, on her way to completing her high school diploma. As the relationship between the school and Bequia continues to grow, others may follow. We hope to revive the student trips that Gerry inaugurated.

The first thing that people typically know about Lakefield is that Prince Andrew and the King of Spain both studied here. And, truth be known, they did. That said, the reality of the school isn’t perhaps of the sort that that we might feel would attract a royal gaze. Lakefield is set in a rural setting, and while academics are strong, there is also a focus on physical activity and outdoor education as a vehicle for the development of interpersonal and leadership skills. As a result, students are more likely to be found on the ropes course or at the hockey rink than in quiet contemplation at tea time.

Academics are rigorous, though lifestyle is, too, often creating a heightened level of engagement. Alumni, including the royals, conspicuously retain a very personal connection to the ongoing life of the school.

“ … it is an honour to be a part of your plan/dream/vision. While it may be next to impossible to measure the true impact that an independent school education will have on these young people, I am confident that the world will be better because of it.

—Theresa Butler-Porter, Lakefield College School Foundation

Founded in 2011, Action Bequia has managed a host of initiatives, including infrastructure, environment, and community works, particularly recycling and the rebuilding of the trail around Princess Point. Action Bequia has also financially supported more than sixty projects managed by others.

The areas these covered were broad and included sporting and cultural activity, education, island events like The Regatta, and emergencies, such as relief in the aftermath of floods in SVG in 2013 and in Dominica in 2017.

Bringing pediatric specialist care to places where access to advanced medical care for children otherwise doesn’t exist is the core of World Pediatric Project’s humanitarian outreach to its 12 partner countries in the Caribbean and Central America. WPP’s International Teams program mobilizes dozens of pediatric diagnostic and surgery specialist teams each year covering most every pediatric sub-specialty need in these countries.

Annually, more than 2,000 children receive diagnostic or surgical care in this highly efficient program, reaching children in their home countries or regions.

A partnership was formalized with the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) in 2018, the first beneficiary of which is Gabby Ollivierre, who enrolled in the culinary arts degree program. SAIT offers students practical experience and theoretical knowledge in a real-world context. Students benefit from hands-on learning in unique labs and classrooms, participation in applied research on campus with industry partners and, in many programs, workplace practicums that enable them to apply their learning to meet current industry needs.

SAIT’s close partnerships with industry, government and other post-secondary schools help to give students the skills and connections they need to succeed in local, national and global economies.

A scholarship to benefit students from SVG was formalized in 2018, as overseen by Canadore and the Grenadines Initiative. Currently one student is enrolled there, a beneficiary of the scholarship.

From the time Canadore opened its doors in 1967, the college has taken pride in creating the best possible environment for learning and is the college of choice for students from across the province and around the world.

The focus is on student success, program and service excellence, connection to community, sustainability and innovation.