The Learning Center

Super Cape-Abilities

A joint project between the Learning Center and Action Bequia creates a new breed of environmental super-hero

By Tylisha Miller

On the 11th of May 2019 The Learning Center embarked on something amazing with Nico and Action Bequia. Alicia told me of the initiative 2 weeks ago and right off the bat I knew it was something The Learning Center would love to be a part of.

We asked the kids to come in but we were not expecting the turn out. We had 21 kids who came in to lend a helpingĀ hand. The kids set off on their superhero adventure by designing their capes with whatever their hearts saw fit, but not before having their superhero abilities put to the test in a series of jumping, twisting and showing off their best hero sounds and poses.
Nico gave the kids an extensive look at how litter hurts us and what we can do to make sure we keep our island clean. The heroes and heroines then journeyed to Paget Farm where we went to a beach and cleansed it of any plastics and other garbage. The kids all expressed how much fun they had while doing their super hero duties of saving the world one plastic bottle at a time.
Big thank you to Action Bequia, the teachers that came out, and to Nico for his inspiring work.