The We Inspire ~ Think Differently Youth Seminar

Leading by example

by Rekha Gooding

The We Inspire ~ Think Differently Youth Seminar was held on September 30th at the Spring House Hotel. Despite many other events which happened on Bequia that day, we had a great turnout and it was very well received.

I created the program in response to rising rates of petty crime, violence, teenage pregnancy, school dropout, and drug use. It was designed to give youths a bird’s eye view of the lives of Bequians who have traversed through the same challenges and setbacks that youth face today. The speakers each gave a personal account of their journey and shared their motivation and advice for climbing the success ladder. The speakers were Mr. Morrie Hercules (Education), Mrs. Glynn (Health Care), Ms. Solana Gooding (Entrepreneurship), Ms. Felicia Frederick (Education and Business). l also spoke on Education, Finance, and Social Responsibility.

We Inspire ~ Think Differently was the first of many seminars to be held on the island. The next seminar is air marked for January 2019, where a Vision Board themed seminar will set the stage for youths on the island for the year 2019. More seminars will be held throughout the year and plans are in the making to go into schools on the island to begin the conversation with our youths. We’ll announce upcoming events in this newsletter, as well as on the events page of the Grenadines Initiative website.