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What is it like to be Jamell Ollivierre?

by Glen Herbert What is it like to be Jamell Ollivierre? I can’t answer that question, of course—certainly we can’t really know what it’s like to be anyone other than who we are—though the outlines are there. I met with him one morning at the patio of Keegan’s in Lower Bay, just off the beach, the waves rolling in and out in the background. He’s soft spoken, but certainly not meek. You can see he’s thinking big thoughts, if not necessarily feeling the need to say all of them out loud. Jamell is a child of the island, to be
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Crossing the digital divide

By Tylisha Miller It has been a few months since the chromebook project was launched at The Learning Center. Since then it has gone from 3 chromebooks to an astonishing 8, thanks to amazing donors. Previously only a few kids would have access to them due to the small quantity but now we’re able to use them in a full classroom set up seeing as our classes do not exceed six to seven children. The teachers currently use them for reading classes, spelling classes and even mathematics exercises. The children, most of which have not yet had exposure to computers
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Monelle’s Story

by Tylisha Miller and Elizabeth Zook Four years ago, a dishevelled five-year-old girl came to The Learning Center by herself and said “Please Uncle Ray, Can I come to the Learning Center?” Her sly smile won his heart and his welcoming presence won hers. Monelle was half way through kindergarten but she did not know her colours or her alphabet and could not count correctly to 20. But she wanted to learn and learn she did. She thrived on the individual attention she received at the Center. Usually first to arrive and last to leave, she loved the crayons and colouring
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